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Price: KRW 11000 (approx USD 11) Net Content: 120ml I hate it when it's summer and winter, especially inside the office where we have no choice except turning on the AC/heater. It makes my skin turns really dry. Thus, a face mist is a must-have item for me ^^ I was just casually looking the products in Aritaum, and I found this. I fell in love with it for the first time. I tested it on my face, but it sprays mildly (I hate those mists which sprays strongly and shocks me every time I use it). The result is quite amazing though . I took a picture of one of my colleague (she has a really dry skin) and it turned out really moisturized on her face! There is a smaller bottle for this product (60ml) which you can always put in your bag, but the price is about $8 :( that's why I decided to buy just the big one and put it on my station in the office.
i'm using skinfood facial mist but wanna try something new. maybe i will try this one u recommend. thanks for the review!!
I want to try please!
I always see people using mist on the dramas. lol, i think i want to try it too
I love this Face Mist! I use it at work too :) It's really refreshing and not harsh on my skin like other ones. I have tried the MAC fix, which is supposed to be like mist, but keep your make up intact, but it doesn't work as well as this and costs twice the amount