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You guessed it: it's from Love! Live! :D

This might not be the best scene EVER, and I can't even find it on Youtube to share with you, but basically, there's a really bad snowstorm, and poor Honk & co have to face this....
And it's not looking good for her making it somewhere very important (trying to avoid spoilers, lol). But then! There's a magical way that all the snow gets cleared.....everyone starts shoveling it!!!! It's amazing, really.

Since I can't share the shoveling scene, I'll share the performance of Snow Halation that follows :)

I love this scene, because while the 9 girls of Muse are the ones who built their own success & led their own story, they couldn't have done it without the support of their school, families, and fans. It's amazing that we're reminded of that midway through the second season, and it's really beautiful to remember that they're touching people's lives, and so those people want to touch their lives.

Eli is just so cute, isn't she?

And I love my Nozo's hair!

Anyways, that's my favorite! If you want to join in with the Deck the Halls with Anime event, find the schedule & details here!