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Also, spandex chafes.

Since we've been talking about what makes a villain- well, a *villain*, it seems like a good time to share this interview David Tennant gave while on the press tour for Jessica Jones. He talks about his character Kilgrave's childhood, and how the powers he had warped him until he had no sense of right and wrong. "Well, I mean no villain is…well I dunno, maybe they are. I don’t imagine anyone who is perceived as a villain believes themselves to be a villain.” Which is probably true.

Of course, it doesn't exonerate Kilgrave.

Not by a long shot. But I think it's an incredibly important point. I don't want to spoil anything for those who haven't seen the series yet, but a lot of Kilgrave's crimes are incredibly common and his motivations are frighteningly realistic (despite the supernatural means). As @LizArnone brought up in this great card about rape culture, a lot of people seem to have a very troublesome definition of consent. When does 'I didn't know' stop being excuse and start being an anomaly?
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@jordanhamilton AAAAAAA. Ok but he better be otherwise I'll be super mad XD
I bet he is! plus, you would know better than I know lol and nobody can come back from the dead after getting their neck broken unless they happen to be Luke Cage, right? haha :)
@jordanhamilton I mean, it is Marvel, basically everyone comes back at some point XD
Ahhhhhhh!!! 🙈🙈🙈🙈 I wasn't ready lol