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So this dude Jose Salvador Alvarenga from El Salvador was lost a sea for over a year -- exactly 438 days. He's a fisherman who planned a two-day fishing trip. But here's the kicker: he was lost at sea with his shipmate Ezequiel Córdoba, who died months after at sea. And the family of the dead castaway is accusing Alvarenga of cannibalism.
But Alvarenga said that isn't true. He said he survived on on raw fish, turtle blood, and even his own urine. According to his account, Córdoba died after convulsing. After keeping the corpse for six days, Alvarenga let him go into the water.

"Not for a second did I think of eating Ezequiel. I wouldn't have done it, even if it meant that I starved. It would have been on my conscience forever," he told the Daily Mail.

The family of Córdoba is suing for 1 million dollars.
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Hahaha humans aren't always animals, but I like the parallel with your music @MooshieBay @ButterflyBlu me too :( that's so much emotional trauma
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i dont see any reason why he should have felt guilty even if he did. a persons dead body is of no value anyway. its just a rotting empty thing. it is not a person. and the man needed to live. now i could see being disgusted and horrified and having nightmares. but guilt? no thats a different thing.
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" He ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti." LMAO
2 years ago·Reply
Over a year at sea with no source of drinking water and first day back, "here man, have a coke!"
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@JakeSantos must have been for advertisement lol
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