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I bet you thought I couldn't count or that I forgot, right? Nope. There was intention on this card being this late, even if it is a day later than initially planned, but yeah. It's with purpose. What exactly is that purpose?

*whispers* It was our maknae's birthday yesterday! Happy Belated Birthday! ♡

Ah , but who's our maknae?

Name: Aniya Martin. Birthday: December 16th. Age: Ele-- Twelve! Position: Maknae. Ideal Type: Someone who finds joy in anything and everything they see. Someone who is as soft as a teddy bear. Someone like the groups BTS, GOT7, Zelo, and BIGBANG.

Favorite Quote

"I soon came to the point where I didn't know whether my smiling face was real or not." Lavi Bookman Jr, D. Gray Man.

Fun Fact

My whole family thinks I'm crazy and I fangirl over KPOP or anime too much! Mainly KPOP

Roll Call! ♡

There's just a little more... ;)

4URe (pronounced "fury")

It stands For Your Entertainment, by the way. ^^ We're looking to figure out what our introduction is and just which way we should write it. If you have any ideas, help us out? ♡ I personally have an idea for fan names, but we'll save that for another card. Look for us and stick with us! ♡

If you're still looking to be a part of the group, also look for a card in the future for when we're ready to accept more people! ^^~~☆

When you are ready for new people can you tag me? :) if that's okay. please and thank you
AHHHHH HELLO MAKNAE!!! :D also, I love the group name!!! This is so awesome!!!!
@Miranda96 Will do! :D
Happy Birthday Maknae! Awesome group name as well, very clever!
Aww happy birthday Maknae!! I hope you have a great birthday!! 😍😁😝❤️
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