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The Struggle of Being a Non - Korean Speaking Fan
when you try to understand what your bias is saying but translate messes you up -_-
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이거뭐야?? = what is this?? 잘 먹겠습니다 = I will enjoy this food. you got it wrong, Bing. *shakes head*
2 years ago·Reply
@ArmyofKookie lmao out of all the word choices, they chose the f-bomb
2 years ago·Reply
@taylorthetwist I'm laughing so hard because I imagined him just like shrugging and saying "Close enough"
2 years ago·Reply
@mariadelzam XD right? It's like they programmed it to be as hysterically inaccurate as possible 😆
2 years ago·Reply
On the contrary I'm pretty sure he really said that
2 years ago·Reply
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