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MARK'S POV: Eyes opened and i already hate this day:Monday. I sat on my bed and just stared at the wall. "Why?". i ask my self.
JACKSON'S POV: I walked and saw the guy i can't never ignore because he was just........ quiet. I walked up to him saying and waiving "hello". Usually i never see him talk to anyone, he just talks to me. I once asked him if he had any friends and all he said was "i do", that made me feel better for him. Honestly, i feel pity for people who were lonely. I never knew why but around Mark i felt safe and had someone to talk to other than my own sister.
"You still don't say anything to me?, come one Mark you have to talk to me, you used to do it before..... now you're just silent again". i said.
"Jackson, ummm......".
"What?". i said surprised. " Nothing.... don't worry about it". He walked off and then stopped, looked back at me and then kept walking.
(Sorry for the shortness i was in class)
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@LenaBlackRose no one will ever be ready for markson
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@sarcasticme101 so true. they just knock you out with the cuteness
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Where's part 2? I can't find it.
2 years agoReply
@SaraHanna fan fiction collection
2 years agoReply
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