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We all have our fair share of favorite proposals.

When it comes to marriage, we have it all planned out from the way he proposes to our dream honeymoon [although we dare not tell a soul]. These days you have your rather adorable proposals, your hilarious proposals and then you have your rather scary proposals -- including this one seen below.
Talk about 'crazy love'. That's that kind of love Beyonce sang about. Fellas, don't attempt this at home. Your outcome might not be the same. Keep scrolling to see what measures this man took to get on bended knee.

Insane or Impressive?

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Well they should hair be happy there were no drunk drivers who where like screw I'm not stopping
Same exact thing I was thinking to myself. It could've went extremely wrong @brandontearss
i still this day for me 馃槩馃槩
* i still wait this day for me 馃槩馃槼
Haha, keep hope alive! 馃 @EmanAlenzi