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SO YOU PROBABLY KNOW VINGLE IS IN A PANIC ALREADY!!!! BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE IS IDOLS ON VINGLE!! I'M SORRY FOR THE CAPS BUT MY FEELS ARE JUST EXPLODING RN! Okay so you have already probably seen @kpopandkimchi card...And if you haven't...I swear you better right now! But anyways this is how I feel about the whole thing. Happiness ^-^ Why? Because that means our activity in vingle impressed them. So they came to see why!! Maybe they were impressed with our spazzing or just touched by the love and support we have for them. Scared~_~ *intense arm flailing* Because well...You all already know why I'd imagine! (Dear lord..My babies stay out of the fanfictions) *even though I don't really read fanfictions...I HAVE HEARD THE STORIES!!!* Okay Therapy Support Group adjourned... ^^List your feels...Tell me how you're taking this!!
I need more therapy for this!!!
@CreeTheOtaku Tag me in it^-^
let me make a card to express my feelings about this
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