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It's no secret that I love make-up. I write about it a lot, and that's for good reason. Because make-up is like paint for the soul. It allows those who worship at it's beautiful alter to be empowered and lovely any day of the week.
I think about this a much does your face cost? Like, if you added up the cost of all the products you use on a daily much would it cost you? So. I'm going to take the plunge, and expose exactly how much money it takes me to feel comfortable. No shame.

1. Moisturizer: Belif - True Aqua Bomb:


First thing's first. Every morning I moisturize my skin with this beauty.
My skin would be dryer than the Sahara desert without this stuff. I ended up purchasing it on an airplane while I was going over the Arctic circle. No joke. It was so dry up there, and I had packed away my moisturizer up in my checked luggage. I'm so glad I purchased this product. It's perfect for those of us who have a little bit of that winter dryness. It's made with a lot of water so it's very very good for sensitive skin.
The pretty price tag doesn't always go with great products, but here, it's worth the money!

2. Eye Brightener: MAC Prep And Prime Hi-lighter

This is for all of us crypt keepers out there. Yes, sleep is hard to comeby these days, so what we do to correct it is BEAT OUR FACES DARLING! Yes! So, the first thing I put on my face is this brightener. All under the eyes and sometimes in finer lines. Just to give me a little bit of that "I'm awake and I'm a naturally beautiful person" look. Yeah, right.


3. Foundation: MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation

I had to search for a new foundation after the summer months, because my skin gets really dry in the winter. It feels tight, and uncomfortable to put a full-coverage foundation on and I'm sure you guys can feel that. I was in the Denver Colorado airport and got my face done between planes. The make-up artist used this foundation on me and I was like...done. YES. Such a good foundation for perpetually dry skin. 10 stars.


4. Hi-light and Contour 1: Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette

This product from tattoo artist and Make-up Mavin Kat Von D is all the rage right now in the make-up community. If you have this, well, then you're a real pro. This palette is everything and doesn't come in more than one amazing shade. It's universal, and whether you want to make your face look more angular, less angular, thinner, fatter, whatever. You can do it with this. I usually just do a quick swipe of hi-lighter on the forehead, chin, center of the nose and right under the eyes.
Then I use the middle bronzer and outline the top of my forehead, under my jawline and my temples to make my face seem more angular, thinner and smaller. It's kind of awesome what a difference this product makes.


5. Blush: MAC Powder Blush in Mocha

This blush warms up even the deadest looking skin tone. If you have a lot of blue undertones in your skin, check out this blush. I don't go anywhere without at least a little swipe of this on my cheeks. It's essential.


6. Hi-light Part II: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade

This is for that little extra bit of "oomf". It's that make-up product where you pass it a thousand times and you convince yourself you don't need it. But you really do. It's such a beautiful powder, and once you see how effortlessly it hi-lights your face without so much as a second swipe, you'll be in love. It's one of my favorite things to use. And I use it every day!


7. Eyeliner: Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner in Black

I was used to the Kajal liners from Maybeline, but fell in love with this Gel liner from Korean brand Tony Moly. A few of their products grace this list as daily uses, because they're really high quality and really long lasting on the face. None of that 2PM smudge. This liner is FOREVER.


8. Mascara: Tony Moly Mighty Atom Lengthening Mascara

This mascara was a god send. I use the orange formulation, because it's lengthening. I have a lot of volume already so I like to create more of a spindly lash look. My usual go-to is Mac's Haute and Naughty mascara because it has two wands, one for the length and the other for the volume, but in its absence I have been in LOVE with this one. There are two other formulas if you need volume or length, or both.


Lip: MAC Matte Lipstick in Kinda Sexy, Lipliner in Double Time, Cream Sheen Glass in Deelight

Lips are a huge deal now-a-days. With the extreme obsession of Kylie Jenner being the hottest beauty trend, us make-up junkies have no other choice than to follow. Since nudes and brown tinted colors are all the rage, everyone's been asking for them. That's why this combination exists. Everyone's got the perfect look

Lipstick: $17

Liner: $22

Cream Sheen Glass: $20

9. Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Pressed Powder


This is from one of Target's boutique brands. They house Sonia Kashuk, Pixi and others. I love this powder. It really is undetectable and you can find it in unique shades to match every single skin tone. I use very little of this and just hit the spots that usually wear on my face first. Like my nose and cheeks. Because if you use too much you'll look a little bit washed out and dry.

10. Too Faced Primed and Poreless Pressed Powder


No make-up guru in their right mind would leave their face without a finishing powder. Touted as one of the best, Too Faced's Primed and Poreless can be used under the foundation and on top, although since my face is pretty dry, I just use it at the end. Dust it on top of your T zone and under the eyes, and you're all done.

The Grand Total: $322

Well, that's not surprising. I'm a sucker for a good make-up product. As the one thing I won't compromise on, I find it totally fine that my face costs this much. In fact I'm proud, because that means I'm not afraid to admit it. I am not a slave to my make-up nor am I ashamed. I LOVE applying it every day. And I want all my beauties on Vingle to join me. CONFESS! How much does your face cost? No shame.

I'd like to tag my beauty babes!

@jordanhamilton - My make-up obsessed diva!
@IvyNicole - Come on with those make up of the day posts! Flawless!
@Jeixlka - Another wonderful Vingle make-up guru!
@VeronicaArtino - FIERCE and that's all!
@stephosorio - Always bringing it with new looks!
Good luck girls and I can't wait to see what your go-to products are!!! Please tag me! XO
Haha yeah it was kind of fun actually. I do have expensive taste, and a really really sensitive skin. Only a few brands work, and it just so happens that they're expensive.
@TessStevens I do use MAC cuz I used to be a makeup artist there so I've amassed quite a large collection from them. I could probably open my own store lol. 馃槀 I use alot of other brands however and switch up things throughout the year because my skin texture and tone changes with the weather and so I switch my products to match that.
Yeah @BluBear07 I only have to purchase the blushes and powders once per year. They last forever, and you only need a little bit! The lipsticks and glosses are more of a collection thing right? I don't know. I'd love to see one of these cards from you too. I just love seeing what everyone else's routine is @BluBear07 do you use MAC? A lot of beauty girls I know swear by it! And @DawanaMason we could all learn so much from your skincare routine! You should make a card about that too. I know I would read it!
This isn't even a lot comparatively speaking. I only spend it once, maybe twice per year? You should see some people's collections. Maybe I'll do a post on mine. @InPlainSight and @DawanaMason oh my goodness, that's an extensive routine. It sounds like you've gotten great results. Drinking water definitely enhances the skin, plus all that custom stuff! AMAZING. You really should make a video. I'd watch it!
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