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They say all natural is better.

But who knew that something so potent could make you look and feel better? Introducing, apple cider vinegar. We all hate the smell, but that taste is even worse. If you can look past the negatives, this all natural product is full of positives.
You can kiss your dermatologist goodbye and say hello to glowing skin, but that's only the half. Check out the video to see the many benefits of apple cider vinegar, also known as ACV. It's time to get familiar.

Would you give ACV a chance despite the smell?

I don't like the smell too. but if you want it taste better, mix it with 1 tbsp honey, drink it on empty stomach every morning..
i will try it out!
Yes!!! Def use it. It's amazing @DominiqueThomas
I need to use it 'cause I have two bottles in the pantry
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