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This nude Inbal Dror gown is so stunning, I am about to lose my mind over here! What is happening with this wonder?!
Could you see yourself in this beautiful strapless dress? From the haute couture collection, you're looking at a second-skin bustier, subtle peplum, and that skirt with tulle for days!
Check out this short 2016 runway collection of Inbal Dror gowns!
OH MY GOD I AM DYING. I love the color of this! That nude illusion!? YES GAWWD!
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I ALMOST had a heart attack when I saw this gown myself @TessStevens. hahaha Yeah, the color is sickning!
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Ok. You're hitting me with too much awesome at once. Wow! The nude, the short and backless, the dramatic Vs...smh. I love them all.
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