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Some pretty INSANE claims have been made against me today. And I want to assure all of you that I am not an agent of Hydra. I don't even know how to get into that racket! Even if I did, do you think someone as lovable and articulate as me would waste my life in a secret criminal organization?!

"No way" is the answer you're looking for.

I don't care how cool their suits look and how I pretty much look exactly like that now that I've cut my hair due to reasons other than joining... I mean not joining Hydra. Listen here, I've lived a good, happy, life. And I'm still living it. No matter how good the offer that I got from Hydra, I wouldn't have joined Hydra.
Okay, okay. I'll be completely honest with you guys. Yes, Hydra sent me a letter in the mail informing me of their interest in me? But did I sign it? No! Of course not! You guys know me by now, I wouldn't have signed it. Was I allured by their offer of a free Microsoft Zune? Maybe, but still! I wouldn't have joined this organization knowing that we planned on taking down SHIELD from the inside. That didn't appeal to me at all!
Guys, I know it's hard to believe. I know you all trust @shannonl5, but she's wrong and I'll tell you why.
Don't you think something terrible, something truly awful would happen if I was really an agent of Hydra? Don't you think there will be terrible repercussions for outing me as an agent?
Aren't you worried about the state of Vingle? And what might happen here if I really was an agent of Hydra and I reported this to my superiors? Aren't you worried that many of us will rise from each and every community to stomp out this ridiculous, ridiculous claim?
From what I've heard of Hydra (since I am not an agent, I wouldn't know first hand), every time you chop off one of their heads...
Another will grow back @shannonl5, and there's nothing you can do to stop this train now that it's left the station. There is nothing you can do.
I would never,

Hail Hydra

Hydra or not, this denial card was so well put together, I don't even know what to say 😂
@VinMcCarthy Seriously, he was a ghost, then a droid, now a Hydra agent....I feel like I need a shower.
It appears as though there's some troubling accusations being slung around. I think the lady doth protest @paulisadroid too much. everyone knows that Hydra doesn't accept robots. but shield does.
At first I was skeptical regarding @shannonl5 claims that you are Hydra @paulisadroid but I'm beginning to have my misgivings...
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