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So YoonGi Oppa is my bais from BTS. I absolutely adore him, and he has such an amazing talent. Min YoonGi Oppa is amazing ^^ but recently......
this man has been pushing his way up there...... Hoseok is so amazing talented. With his dancing and his rapping, and he is also super funny and dorky ^^ He need to stop lol I cant even.
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Suga will always be my number one but tbh Hobi is also awesome!
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Hobi is my BTS bias too, and is one of my 6 top/Ultimates.
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plus .... hobi gif # 5 about killed me. congratulations. omg.
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WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT, !,!?!?!,!,!?!,!,!, ... I think I died
2 years ago·Reply
yea this is crazy! once you get a bias there like ha "fuck that" and they all come at you like we will make your life a living hell.... I die
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