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Devin Smith is really, really good at customizing and making things. His unofficial Xbox One controller inspired by Boba Fett's armor is one that really grabbed my attention. I know I post a lot of cards about making things out of legos or cheap alternatives to making props but this definitely takes the cake on all of those things.
You can see all the detail that went into making the controller and it's breathtaking. I don't really know how he did this but I want to. It's really interesting how the controller even has a little number pad on it. I wonder if it blinks or does anything else like that.
I've got to say though, I think my favorite things about this customization are all the blaster burns he put on the controller. They cover some of the face buttons, the joysticks and the D-pad. Just looking at it you can tell that a lot of time and effort went into making this piece.
Now, the thing I wonder is if Smith actually uses this to play some of his games. Remember when your friends used to come to your house (or you'd go to theirs) and you'd all play games together but you had to decided who was getting the good controller?
I bet having a Boba Fett controller makes that a lot easier. I know if I had something like this, I wouldn't even let people breathe on it. I know that's kind of insane, but I'm stickler for collectibles and controllers, especially if they're as cool as this one.