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it's even worse when there's no second season
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@joemercardante HoTD is an amazing anime with no season 2 sadly but i do recommend to you is to read the manga i loved it and it goes further than the anime. P.S. if you liked HoTD as much as me checkout gakkou gurashi
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All of these 12 episode animes (another example, Inu x Boku SS) that are wonderful just break my heart when there isn't a second season; Later you find out its because the writer died or something qwq
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the devil is a part timer so much!!! and also SAO2 but luckily there is another season
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what about Death Note
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this show gave me life!! legend of korra ended in this cliffhanger of two lesbians walking in a spirit portal like wtf what happens next???? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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