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So you're trying to binge watch your favorite show, but you keep falling asleep. And then you wake up and you totally lost your spot. It's the WORST, right?!

Well, the new Netflix gadget has go you covered-- no really it covers your feet and stuff. And it can pause your show when you fall sleep.

You never have to worry about skipping forward 10 episodes again, and these fuzzy-beasts warm your feet and keep your que in check.

The sensors in the top of the sock essentially read your body movement, the blink when they think you are asleep, and if you don't move, and then automatically pause your Netflix show.
I don't know about you but I have several family members (my mom especially) that fall asleep and miss the whole show... might have to get them these stockings for they viewing pleasure.
The best part of the socks in my opinion-- the Kimmy Schmidt reference. Pinot Nior for me please.
Next sock design? I'm hoping for some Jessica Jones-themes.

Would you buy these sleep-sensing socks?

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2 years ago·Reply
Omg @ButterflyBlu I knew you would love these <3 Forreal me too @SDSena I'd dig those socks and a matching shirt please.
2 years ago·Reply
Now if the socks had little speakers, that would be awesome!
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb they're BRILLIANT, right??
2 years ago·Reply
They honestly are @ButterflyBlu they just need like a popcorn button too on the side that send some delivery popcorn
2 years ago·Reply