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Let's be real, we all love Seungri♡♡
And don't worry he loves us too, we're his "Everything"
We all love Big Bang's cute maknae. ..Seungri is- G-Dragon: Did someone says Seungri....
Seungri: shooty, shoot, shoot....Everybody run
GDragon: What's wrong Ri , get over here and love me♡♡
Seungri: but- GDragon: but what... Seungri: I like the GD're just a little too direct for the children out there GDragon: I'm am not Seungri:......
GDragon: I see nothing wrong
It's okay GD if I saw Seungri on the streets I would .... just same....GD we are the same lol
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My hearteu 😫😭😍 @Ligaya
2 years ago·Reply
seungri's face when GD tries to kiss him Lmao priceless
2 years ago·Reply
I love GD's pursuit of Ri. They are too stinking adorable. I ship them so hard.
2 years ago·Reply
just one is perfect but two..what about my heart
2 years ago·Reply
NOW KISS!!!!!! *trys to squish their heads together*
2 years ago·Reply