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One of my favorite all time fights in anime is Tsuna vs Xanxus in Hitman Reborn!. The intensity of Tsuna fighting to get the Vongola Ring of the Sky is amazing to see, especially considering that his only other major fight up until this point was against Rokudo Mukuro.
So I found this cool amv on youtube of the fight, and I thought it was a good pairing of song for the fight.
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Awesome AMV as well
2 years ago·Reply
@MajahnNelson yes! honestly I really loved the future arc fights, but the one with Xanxus felt so much more personal
2 years ago·Reply
Yeah I don't know exactly how to explain why but the intensity during that fight was on a while different level @VinMcCarthy
2 years ago·Reply
@MajahnNelson I think a big part of it was the fact that we get to see Tsuna fight his hardest. He sees all of his friends fighting for his sake, for the sake of the Vongola famiglia, and that prompts him to greater heights.
2 years ago·Reply
You hit it right on the nose @VinMcCarthy
2 years ago·Reply