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Battlefield: Mike Tyson's Punch Out Boxing Ring Prep: 5 months Hitmochan is at Level 50 Hitmochan's moveset will only be Sky Uppercut, Bullet Punch, Lightning Punch, and Fire Punch Little Mac's moveset will only be Rising Uppercut, Giga Mac, Rapid Punches, and Jolt Haymaker!
Hey! This is interesting, but it's published to a lot of communities. You might want to check them out, the Marvel community for example has guidelines for which cards belong there and this doesn't really fit.
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this is dope! I personally have to think that Hitmonchan would win. I mean, c'mon, all he does is punch, and punch, and punch. it's like his whole identity as a pokemon.
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but also I agree with @shannonl5. you should be careful about posting to irrelevant communities!
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Hitomonchan mama said knock Little Mac out
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