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So I see people pick the one and only....
I was on my way out after saying goodbye to my family. I was about to go to the exit until I bumped into somebody. I fell, "Hey can you watch were you going." I said dusting myself off. "I'm sorry I didn't see you there." A manly voice said. I turned around and was in shock what I saw. A tall handsome guy, he had tattoos all around his arms, and neck. He his brown eyes lovely as I was drawn to them. His lips was so smooth, his smiled took me miles away. "I'm sorry I didn't see you." He said again. "No, I'm sorry I should watch where I'm going." I said. He smiled again and my heart just melted. He started to walk towards the the gates. I turned around to see where he was going. I saw that he was leaving. I kept walked away and went to my dorms.
**Chanyeol P.O.V** I was walking towards one of the departure gates, to get my mother and brother. I bumped in to a girl. "Hey watch where you going!!" She said as she was dusting herself off. "I'm sorry I didn't see you there." I said. She turned toward me, looked like she was shock to see me. "I'm sorry I didn't see you." I said again. She look at me, "No, I'm sorry I should watch where I'm going." She said. I smiled. Then I made sure she wasn't hurt and left. I went to the gates. As I was walking I turned around to see her and she was gone. I don't know why, but I can't get her out of my head. I was standing there until my brother tapped me. "Hyun-Ah, I said turning around." I said as I looked at my brother. "Whats up." He said giving me a hug. "Tao! and Chanyeol if you don't help your umma we are going to have problems." My Umma said. "Umma!!" I said hugging and kissed her cheek. "Here let me take your bags." I said to here. "Aw don't I have at lease one wonderful son." My umma said. As I was getting here bags, I saw my uncle come and hugged my Umma. "Daesung!! what are you doing here?" My umma said. "I didn't know you was coming until appa said that you was coming home. Why didn't you call me unni?" He said to her. My umma just shook her had as she was getting the rest of her stuff. We walked out the airport, I looked back at thinking about that girl.
**Three years later.** It's been three years since my parents let me stay in Korea and finish college. I now a senior, I'm ready to get this over with. For the most part I been stay at the school dorm. Then I got tried of getting treated differently. I got a job, and moved out in to an apartment. I was happy that's I don't have to share rooms with. But then I realize how much rent cost. I was working three jobs and going to college just to support myself. One day I was sleeping class when JHope saw me, "Y/N, Y/N." he said softly. I open my eyes and saw him standing there smiling. I looked him, I had never knew how handsome he was. "Are you okay?" He asked in a soft but deep voice. I don't what but my heart started to beat fast. I nod my head, "Yea Hobi just tires." I said looking in to his brown eyes. I hadn't realize that his eyes was soft and lovely, the way he looked at me made had butterflies. I realize what was happen and I sat up quickly. I shook my head, What us wrong with me Hobi is my best friends I said to myself. "Why are you so tired aren't you getting enough sleep at your dorm?" He asked as he was sitting down. I shook my head, "I moved out in to an apartment, Because my roommate kept getting on my nerves. But I didn't realize how much it would be to have an apartment." I said rubbing my eyes. He smiled at me, "What?, Why are you smiling?" I looked at him. "Because you are strong." He said taking my hand. I looked at him wondering what's going. "I thinking about moving out my parents house, Why not I moved in with you." He said. I was silence, I didn't know what to say. My best friend moving in with me. Hold up, I thought, this is my best friend what could happen. "Okay why not, we are best friend anyway." I said shaking his hand. **Three weeks later. (JHope POV) I moved in a week later, I we happy to be living with y/n. It had been nice anyway, I bet she happy that's I can help her with the rent and bills. Plus it was good for me too, I don't have to wake up at 5 just to catch three buses to get to school. Now I can just ride with y/n When she goes school. I smiled thinking about being close to y/n. I got out of my bed and went to take a shower. I turned on the water letting the hot water hit my face as it ran down my body and back. I didn't here that y/n came home, I step out of the shower, and I realize that we didn't have no towels in the bathroom. So I open the bathroom, not thinking that y/n came home. When I open the door I went to the closet in the hallway by the bathroom. I open it, I was looking for a towel, when y/n came down the hall. "JHope I want to you about th-" She stop talking. I knew she saw me. I turned my head, "Uhm Hobi why don't you have no clothes on?" She asked embarrassed. I just frozen there couldn't move. She was looking at me when she happen to looked down at my hobi Jr. Her mouth dropped as she looked, she looks at me with widen eyes. "Okay Hobi your packing and I'm leaving, okay bye." She said walking to her room. She didn't even turn and looked at me. I was so embarrassed that she saw men naked. I couldn't move, or thing. At all times she had to be home, I thought to myself."
OMG WHAT JUST HAPPEN THERE. lol were you all know who is the wrecker, and what happen between Hobi and y/n. Now can't wait to see more. the feels haven't started yet. oh sorry I didn't update sooner. @Emealia @Thepinkprincess @KellyOConnor @KpopGaby please tag people of you can lol it's crazy right
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