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Okay, so we all love it when a group comes out with a new track or album, right? I figured, let's look through the best of VIXX's music videos and songs!
Eternity was an amazing song (my second VIXX song, Ik weird). I loved it the second I heard it, and it's still one of my favorites.
Hyde! Oh my, this song is amazing! It's actually the first VIXX song I attempted to learn the dance to (definitely got far with that -_- ).
Voodoo Doll was my first VIXX song and the song that got me back into K-Pop (special thanks to my brother for that). He showed me this and I was instantly back on the K-Pop train once again, and I always listen to this song and feel thankful.
Error was the first VIXX song I memorized in both languages successfully, and the first song I translated for friends interested in the song and what was being said. The best feeling, I swear, is translating beautiful songs like this for those that actually care enough to want it. And this song was definitely a good choice, it's beautifully written and the lyrics are amazing!
Super Hero! Agghh, I LOVE listening to this song on midnight walks, definitely the best way to stay upbeat and put a pep in my step.
On and On was my first ever K-Pop album/EP to ever receive. It was a birthday gift last year from a girl (I don't talk to her anymore) I used to be friends with. I remember listening to it in the car for weeks, I never got tired of it, and I still love it!
Well, that's all I have. I know there's more, but I don't have the pictures for it. Now, I'm gonna go rock my body and figure out a love equation xD
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Voodoo doll is how we got my friend into she's stuck like the rest of them 😆
so cute!! Loved this