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Google and Tesla both created their own self-driving cars. But those are large companies with a hell of a lot of money. So when this guy, named George Hotz (age 26) created a self-driving car in about a month... no one really believed him.
Until he unveiled his project to journalists at
According to Bloomberg, this car is almost the same technology level as the Tesla version, but with less-expensive parts. It works mostly on highways and standard roads, though it doesn't work in busy city streets (similar to Tesla).

So why does he want to create a Tesla competitor car?

To make the technology that he's created more accessible and cheaper. He's already got at least 10 friends who want to jump on his technology, with his cheaper stuff, he could really create something to make both Telsa and Google scared.
This isn't the first time Hotz stunned the world. He was the first person to unlock the iPhone, allowing anyone outside of AT&T's network to use that phone.
An that takes a lot of software smarts.

What do my tech people think of this genius? Would you buy one of his cars?

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Well, the sad thing is that knowing humans, he's probably getting assassinated in a few years for this
Wow. I'd like to be a guest at his dinner table. What will he think of next? He was able to build the car for less $, with limited space, and in a short timeframe. Genius.
wow. he's awesome. I'm still putting computer together and that's hard as far as I am. but he's really good I would love him to teach us
I don't want to totally dismiss it until I see it though. I wonder what the stats are on self-driving cards saving lives too @RachelParker. Obviously I wouldn't use it just because I'm lazy, but if it could help me be more aware and stop a car accident, I'm all for it!
Totally @EasternShell @shantalcamara people like this I just want to pick their brain and get to know them more! haha like "Teach me your smart ways!"