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Grand Theft Auto: Online's most recent update, Executives and Other Criminals, allows us to hire our friends and pay them with fake GTA bucks. And as cool as this sounds to the me that's like 18 years old and doesn't have a job and is just wasting away in his bedroom, I think it's a terrible reminder of how terrible real life is.
Okay, maybe real life isn't that terrible. But don't we all already work for shitty people doing shitty things and basically still getting paid GTA bucks because after your car insurance, health insurance, your student loans, your phone bill, your credit card bill, etc. you essentially have close to nothing to yourself.
I wonder if someone at Rockstar Games is laughing to themselves as we all sit here and relive our shitty lives in the video game world.
I get it, I know, GTA: Online is a fantasy. And we should all try to make the most GTA bucks because we won't have enough money in our real lives to actually experience fast cars, fast men, or fast yachts (if that's even a thing). Most of us won't even see the inside of a penthouse suite unless we fuck our way through the Real World and get called back to be on all of their shitty spin-offs.
I'm not trying to come off to harsh here but I don't really want to be reminded that I have some shithead as a boss yelling at me to do something correctly while I play video games. Because the only people who will have enough GTA bucks to hire my lowly biker-gang avatar are 12-15 year old kids who HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO BECAUSE OUR PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM IS FUCKING GARBAGE.
And I swear if I have to listen to another motherfucker -- one who I'm sure I could beat the shit out of in an instant -- tell me that I'm not doing my job right, I'm going to flip the fuck out and maybe crash my car into a brick wall. Fuck.
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