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Today at work I got some news that was near impossible to handle, I lost a really good friend who was like a brother to me last night and I'm not coping with it well, I can't believe it happened, I just can't process it....so if you're dealing with the same thing, this is for you, stay strong; always keep fighting; it gets better.
Thanks @AlloBaber, he's the ninth friend/family member I've had to part ways with for the time being. I can't stop thinking about him. We've had some good times and that's holding me together right now. ❤💭
Wow @NickySerban I'm so sorry... That's really, really difficult. You're right though - stay strong, keep fighting, and make sure to reach out to those who care about you when you need to talk or cry or hug it out. There's no shame in those things 😊❤️
Oh man, dude. That's not easy. You're really strong for hanging in there, though. I admire your courage and send lots of love and hugs. <3