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When you mix geometrics and futurism together you get pixelated hair. A new trend of hair dyeing that will take you to the future and beyond. Not only is it trendy, but you have the opportunity to add a splash of color to your hair without overdoing it. Keep scrolling to see this cool hair dyeing technique for yourself.

Would you give pixelated hair dyeing a try?

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@jordanhamilton Yep. I'm shocked I haven't seen this style at school yet. That person would definitely get a lot of complements.
2 years ago·Reply
Im surprised I haven't seen it around yet either, but I'm sure it will emerge very quickly @KDramaKPop1015
2 years ago·Reply
@marshalledgar @jordanhamilton if I do it (since I think it looks super cool) I'll tag you guys. I'm not 100% positive that I'll do it but if I do it I'll post it
2 years ago·Reply
Yesss! Please do. I would love to see :) @SeolnHan
2 years ago·Reply
Awesome @seolnhan
2 years ago·Reply