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The world is full of meat eaters.

Surprisingly, the number of veg heads in the world are actually catching up to all those omnivores out there. I remember when I first became a strict vegetarian the beginning of 2014, everyone thought I had gone bonkers. I wanted to make a change for my health, for my life and hopefully inspire others to do the same. People would always ask me if it was hard and truthfully, it wasn't. As much as people give vegetarians a bad rep, I was actually enjoying every fruit, vegetable, smoothie and black bean burger I consumed. Life was sweet and my health was at an all time high.
Every guy I spoke to would make jokes about how I would provide for my husband once I got married. Me being a vegetarian had absolutely nothing to do with my lack of providing a beneficial meal for my future husband. If anything he would benefit from my healthy ways just as much as I would and that is why I am writing this today. Dating a vegetarian may sound like a nightmare because people have this idea that all we eat is spinach and throw back wheatgrass shots. Well, that's where you're wrong. Being in a relationship with a vegetarian has several perks believe it or not. Need proof? Keep scrolling to see why you should date a vegetarian at least once in your life.

You Will Learn To Be Open To Trying New Things

This may sound off coming from someone who refuses to eat meat, but dating a vegetarian will open your eyes to so many new foods you probably never knew about. Of course everyone knows about tofu, but what about setan and hemp seeds? Don't knock it until you try it. You might just fall in love.

Smoothies Will Become Your Best Friend

That brings us to smoothies. A vegetarians life revolves around smoothies. If you're around, you will always be the little test gerbil asked to try our concessions and more times than often, they are absolutely delicious. Don't let a little bit of kale or spinach steer you away. A banana will take all the nasty taste away. Believe me.

We Will Care About Your Well Being Almost More Than You Do

When someone takes their health serious, they will take your health just as serious. Don't get annoyed when we check on you and your progress. Cheat days are good, but if you're scarfing down a large pizza by yourself twice a week be prepared to hear us roar. Trust me, it's all love at the end of the day. When someone cares about your well being that means a lot.

You Will Gain Knowledge

Learning something new is always fun. Vegetarians have a lot of knowledge to spread so be prepared to learn something new here and there. You might even end up converting yourself [wishful thinking]. One thing we will never do is force you to change your ways or try something you don't want to try, so no need to worry.

Find yourself a vegetarian.

Trust me, you won't regret it.
Someone's food preference doesn't really make an impact on if I want to date them or not. As long am not pressured to change my diet. Just like I wouldn't pressure someone to change theirs. Is it nice to bond over a nice piece of steak and some whiskey? Sure...but if the love of my life prefers vegetarian food with a side of tea -- I am okay with it!
Vegetarians don't wanna date a meat eater lol.
Lol when I was one I def didn't care and all the ones I know are cool with it as long as they don't try and make them eat any meat. It's more likely to find a vegetarian dating a omnivore than a vegetarian dating a vegetarian @alywoah
That's amazing!!! I love that his eating habits rubbed off on you. pescatarian life is pretty cool @MadAndrea
When I moved in with my boyfriend, a pescatarian, it was kind of hard. I had always eaten meat regularly and never quite cared for fish. But it's been almost 3 years and I'm a lot healthier. I love fish and since we eat together I never really it much meat unless we go out to eat. It's funny how I thought it would be impossible but we rarely eat separate food dishes so it's always not meat. It does feel good to know I'm healthier.
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