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We have a serious problem.

Here's the situation Mercs: HYDRA is on the loose. Yeah, those Axis-loving losers we all thought we left behind in the 1940s. Turns out they've infiltrated Vingle and it's time to fight back.

Confused? Let me walk you through what happened so far:

It's time to get off the old fashioned way Mercs!

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@MajahnNelson truth and I definitely love the Tony-Bruce dynamic. Tony kind of got Bruce in the beginning and I feel like that was really rare for both of them
@shannonl5 Yeah loved that. To be honest I didn't expect Stark to play nice with any of the other Avengers. So it was nice seeing him get along with someone do well right off the bat.
@MajahnNelson definitely. He's not the kind of guy that plays nice after all so that makes sense
@shannonl5 exactly
just tell me what to do and ill do it