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WARNING: There will be spoilers for Fairy Tail from the manga here so if you don't want that stay away. You have been warned.
Fairy Tail looks like it's coming closer and closer to an end. (Unless they decide to introduce another wicked villain or aliens or something). That being said, we're all wondering what's going to happen. The recent 400 years chapter shocked everybody and I thought there was nothing left for me to be surprised about in this series.
So what I want is for everyone to tell me some of their theories for how the show will come to an end. I've seen some cool theories by @BraydenBragg and @Stevenb1990. I'll link their cards below.
I've also made a theory card for the ending and I suggest you guys check it out so you can hear my opinion.
So go nuts in the comments! I want to hear any and all theories. Give some reasons why. Feel free to make your own card! If you make a card with your theory on it be sure to tag me so I can see it. (Put a spoiler warning in your cards if needed).
Since I no longer have any remorse for Zeref, and view him as straight up evil. I do think Natsu and Happy will tell everyone, what they learned from Zeref, but leave the part of him being E.N.D. Honesly someone needs die between Zeref, Natsu, Gray and lucy. If Natsu defeats Gray in their battle, which will come, then maybe he'll tap into his Etherious powers, and that will kill off Zeref. Natsu maybe gone, but it's a worthy sacrifice . What I can't make out is acknologia (might have spelled it wrong IDC), he needs die to, just don't know how that's going to play out
I think it might turn out opposite, like how happy reacted to zeref's story about the past. I feel like the guild is going to be against what he's prepared to do. which could cause a good character development, or even a relationship to Bloom.
Yes someone MUST die. I kinda think it'll be Yukon to die and then pass on her keys to Lucy. after that Lucy will use the "power" from having a contract with all the keys (somehow she'll reunite with Aquarius?) and the celestial spirits will have some sort of cleansing against Zeref and he will be cured of the Ankhseram Curse and Gray will deliver the final blow. in the midst of it all Acnologia will show up and the 4 Dragon slayers will attack and defeat him but I think gajeel and sting will die and rogue (absorbing stings abilities) will defeat acnologia. after gajeel dies but before sting goes Lucy and Gray will do their thing and natsu will die.
@Stevenb1990 I agree there needs to be a major character death. Natsu is probably the most obvious choice. I don't know what Acnolgia is doing either. Didn't he come out of his cave or something?? Lol I imagine Natsu will want to avenge Igneel so he'll probably take out him