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Between The City and The Needle is an upcoming indie game that puts you in the role of a psychologist or some kind of Sci-Fi doctor/investigator. And in the world of the game you have to interview and examine suspects in order to figure out if they're human or... other-worldly so-to-speak.
From what I gather from the trailer, I think a lot of it rests on the player's actions while they interview each suspect. And it looks like that you'll only find out whether or not the characters are alien after an autopsy has been done on them.
That being said, it looks like at the end of every interview, you have the option of releasing the suspect or executing them. Which is a pretty weighty decision for anyone to make. Unfortunately, games like this rely heavily on the writing. And during the trailer, the gameplay moments that involve the interviews went by too fast for me to catch.
That doesn't mean I'm any less interested in this game. It's definitely one I'd like to play because it seems like a mix of Blade Runner (the movie) and Papers, Please (the indie game). And I'm really curious about how it'll turn out after it's finished.
Between The City and The Needle doesn't have a release date yet. But I'll update this as soon as one comes out.
reminds me of Keanu
@VinMcCarthy, it reminds me of an interview we should do with @shannonl5 because I think people think she isn't who she says she is sometimes you know what i'm saying? (hail hydra)
@paulisadroid I am going to show up at your HOUSE one of these days