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Hey guys, so I wanted to do a challenge so I can get to know all of you. There are some of you I talk on a daily basis, whether that's through my cards, or through message. But it looks like the community is growing, and I'd love to learn more about you guys.
Okay! So me first. :-)
1) What name do you go by: Aly
2) Background: I am mixed! My mom is from Puerto Rico. My dad is American black
3) Favorite Latin Food: I really love pernil, pasteles, and empanadas
4) Favorite music genre: Bachata! HANDS DOWN! And I loveeee dancing to it too!
5) Which celebrity do you get mistaken for? Some people have told me I look like Gabrielle Union.
6) What do you miss most about being a kid? Not having to worry about bills, work, and eating cereal all day while watching Sailor Moon!
7) When was the last time you were nervous? When I went on a date. I am so bad at those...
8) If you can date any Latino/a in the world, who would it be? You guys already know it's William Levy!!!!
9) Favorite Latin drink: Cuba Libre (rum & coke)
10) What's your favorite part of the Latino culture? It would definitely have to be the food and music.

Answer the questions and then add the card to the Latino Culture community! :)

And you don't have to be Latino to do this. Lol.
Yasss. I even have a collection for him ;) ;) @aabxo
Ahaha your love for William Levy goes hard. XD Thanks for the tag! I will post shortly <3
Latino community is fine!!!! All things latino is just my collection
I gotta hand it to you this a great way to get to know one another, ultimately awesome
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