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We all remember the glory days of the Tanner family. The ups and downs that come with a single father household, add in two crazy uncles trying to raise 3 daughters and it makes for a perfectly lovable comedy. Well, Netflix is defiantly taking advantage of 90's nostalgia and bringing the show back over a decade later.
Check out the trailer for the new Netflix original, Fuller House!
Now, for you die hard Full House fans out there (because I know there is a cult of you), you'll be ecstatic to know that the squad will be returning, including our favorite neighbor Kimmy. And yes, I mean that the original actors will be back in that San Fran townhouse helping us all though life as an adult.
I really am hoping this revival is just as good as Girl Meets World, because in this day and age all we have been getting are remakes of already used ideas and to many of them just flop.

So Full House fanatics, Are you totally freaking out?

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@shannonl5 right i feel like full house was just always on!!!
Dude, their interior design hasn't changed a bit. That's a little weird, isn't it?!
@danidee I really think they are just gonna be trying to play on the obsession from a decade ago
My sister loves full house she's too excited lol and she is only 14!
Bahaha, I know, but damn, homies. Change your couch.