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The 2015 Merriam-Webster word was released this week, and technically it's not really a word. By word they mean suffix.

What's the suffix?


And in the words...





And... Terrorism

Ok, so what does that mean?

Well with an increase in the world looking at these words, it means that people are thinking about IDEAS. They are using them in everyday language, and thinking about how they apply to News & Issues.
It means that people are using these suffix to explain the world and concepts, and language is expanding.

And that's a pretty big deal.

Definitely better than emojis! Lol. Isn't it amazing how much three little letters can change so many other words? @RaquelArredondo @nicolejb I agree. I try to be very conscientious of the words that I use with my son and students, and not just the obvious ones. For example, I won't even let my son say "that's stupid, mom." One, if it's a thing, I challenge him to find a different adjective that tells me why. (Upsetting, disappointing, etc.) Two, if it's a person, stupid implies that person has no value and we (my partner in the dance studio) don't like our students ever thinking they could be without value, or less than each other. So, no one is allowed to say stupid. There's a huge poster in every studio room. That's just one example, but I'm very aware with my kiddos. :)
Merriam-webster got it right !! haha @netchtiBates @SeoInHan :) or maybe the world, since we searched these words more
@nicolejb very true. I only stick to positive words with everyone except my family. I grew up with my brothers being philosophical but using negativity as their source for almost everything. My eldest brother tends to be condescending most of the time so I guess that is how our family ended up in such a way. My parents are the complete opposites though and I really am grateful for having light in my life :)
Yeah, because language really shapes how we look at the world. I try to stick to positive words in my daily life too because I know how powerful they are @RaquelArredondo
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