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Healthy color palette
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What a lovely sight to behold. ;-)
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@YinofYang i know right??? i think that eating healthy is good but also the freshness of the fruit is they key to all gloriness :D
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let me name the cherry from left to right : red currant, blueberry, cherry,( the green one and red one actually the same (have it in front of my house in Finland). For the red currant, they often turn it into juice! Really fresh and healthy :)
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@Tapsamai wow! hahahahah i didn't know the names from half of the things here, but thanks! hehe great info!
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@miranpark88 Yep, eating fresh just makes you feel good from head to toe. Especially when it is scrumptious fruit. @Tapsamai You are awesome! Hahahaha!
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