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Throughout this campaign, Donald Trump has said some crazy things.
I'm sure you have been watching him during these debates thinking: Did he really just say that?
Jimmy Kimmel and his staff have noticed the range of incredibly dumb things Trump has said as of late, and like any good late night television show decided to turn the subject matter into a tv segment. During the segment, Jimmy Kimmel Live sent out their Lie Witness News crew to ask people on the street what they thought of totally fake, made up facts about Donald Trump.
Lie Witness News made up some tall tales about the Republican presidential candidate, and asked pedestrians whether they were surprised when Donald Trump said, “Guns don’t kill people, Marco Rubio’s cousins kill people,” or when he stated “If it’s brown, flush it down… to Mexico.”
I felt bad for the people in this segment for being unable to tell a true Trump statement from a fake, but lets be honest, this guy is capable of saying anything at any moment.
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I think this just shows how uninformed people are. I feel like there's been a lot of fake quotes floating around the internet lately.