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Minoz Malaysia apparently is spreading that Min Ho is having a concert in Malaysia soon! This is great news if it's true!^^ Let's wait for Starhaus' confirmation and details later. ^^
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Hopefully not too soon oh pls...
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hi. i think thats true. lee minho is having a world tour in 10 countries to release his album. he will start his world tour in seoul. ..i read it on
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i'm waiting for his visit..ya..hope somebody can post here in vingle..tenks..
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serious?? wow... i can't wait if min ho oppa really have a concert in msia soon...
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ilahashim: hi! im waiting him too to be back here in the philippines :) but i am pretty sure that he is having a world tour starts in may 25 in seoul, then after that he will go to other countries :) i wish he will go also to ur country :)
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