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Dear Boys,

Our weight gain is not the problem, your penis is.
Sorry that might have come out a little harsh, let me rewind. I have recently seen an article that discussed the topic of "how much weight my girlfriend has to gain before I stop getting hard," and people actually had EXACT FUCKING ANSWERS TO THIS QUESTION. So I think its time we talk a little bit about love, and sex, and being a decent human being.

On Love:

Love is baby weight. Love is stretch marks, and wrinkles, and getting older. Love is in sickness and in health. And god fucking help the girl who believes that some asshole who can't see past weight gain loves her. Because honestly, if he's that worried about a little weight he certainly wont be there for you when you need someone to tell you take medicine, or if you get sick, or if you get hurt.
Also idiots, its natural for women to gain a bit of weight when they are in love. Its the bodies way of preparing to carry a child, you know, the prep to actually grow a human being inside the stomach that you seem to loathe so much your penis forgets how to function. But no, our bodies are the ones in the wrong.

On sex:

Sex is about love, lust, and most of all TRUST! You know who I wouldn't be able to trust, someone who is too busy focusing on my stomach then anything else.
Oh and I think its HYSTERICAL that you oh so critical guys don't seem at all worried about YOUR weight gain. Put us on a pedestal while you pull and prod our skin to figure out if our measurements still work for YOUR penis. If you're having an issue, go find some else to help you out, or better yet go to a corner by yourself; we certainly don't need you to add any more pressure on how our bodies should look.

On being a decent human being.

Having a poundage point where you stop being attracted to someone you are suppose to love, is not actually love. Because if you love someone you love them no matter what, and hate to break it to you but looks fade, even yours. Also have you ever even considered the fact that we might actually like the way our new bodies look.
Weight gain, not being skinny, and embracing a bigger body is not a fucking crime and creating a whole article to shame the woman you are suppose to LOVE into a size that fits YOUR desires is not love. Its childish, its douchey, and at that point your penis only deserves your hand.
I had a good laugh with this. Not because it's a funny topic, but because it's so true it's funny. I've heard a ton of guys talk about weight having a direct hit to their performance. I just assumed they were somehow lost little lambs that had strayed from the reality flock. I'm guessing my assumption was correct. I've never once had an issue with a partner either gaining or losing weight -unless of course it was dangerous to their health; then I would of course worry. But besides that, wouldn't a change in weight add some form of 'freshness' or 'exciting change' in the relationship? Maybe I'm the only one who thinks so, but changes are indeed scary - but they aren't the enemy. The body is a whimsical thing, and we should respect it 'and' the person who owns it. <3
"Love is baby weight. Love is stretch marks, and wrinkles, and getting older" I freaking LOVE that!
Being sexy isnt all about the perfect figure..i used to be one now i gained 20 kls but i feel even more sexier than ever.Feeling sexy inside goes out outside as well.
I am in love with this post. People are so superficial and hardened by society's standards. I don't love myself or how I look, but if someone loves me they better! lol. This was awesome. Keep being you @LizArnone
Good stuff...from someone's whose chest has seen more than a few surgical saws. The body IS "a whimsical thing" (@Danse - love that, btw) and also a MIRACULOUS thing. So is one's spirit. Then again, if my physical flaws "cause" someone's impotence... say, "GOOD RIDDANCE"!
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