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Hello Amigos! It's Thorsday. After chatting with my hubby Thor we decided to celebrate this day with Thor combating other known heroes. However, we have to hammer down the law down first.


1. Cards are so much better when we communicate and leave comments. HOWEVER, THEIR IS A THIN LINE BETWEEN BEING SARCASTIC AND RUDE. 2. Leave your comments below on who you think would win in a match with Thor. 3. HAVE FUN!

This is Thor vs Superman

I know this may cause many emotions. Who do you think would win? Thor or Superman?

Thor vs Hulk

Who would win?

Thor vs Wonder Woman

Who would win?

Comment who you think would win against Thor! Don't be shy!

Thor should not have a problem with Superman as long as Superman does not pull that faster than a speeding bullet stuff
Thor Thor and Thor! You don't have to ask me twice lol
All for Thor and Thor for all
that smile cracks me up XD
ikr @LAVONYORK trying kill the hubby lol. Thor is an ancient god and Superman is an alien. Enough said lol
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