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School dramas have always given us that realistic slap in the face we always love xD. There are some though that aren't always at the top of everyone's list. In this card i wanted to give favorable mention to some of those school dramas that capture our hearts as many others do.

Ma Boy-

A cute romantic comedy that tells the normal story- girl meets girl, girl turns out to be boy, boy starts to fall in love with girl and vise versa xD. Its a really sweet story AND ITS ONLY THREE EPISODES!!!!!


A beautiful and profound drama that follows high school students in their pursuit of music, acceptance, and happiness. It is a show that will capture your heart almost instantly.

Dream Knight-

A romantic and magical drama that stars the beautiful boys of GOT7. What more is there to love?!?!?

After School Lucky or Not-

A hilarious and adorable highschool drama that follows 5urprise and their quest to complete random activities every single day with the help of their selected leader (friendship, romance, and ALOT of comedy xD)

Now these last two are more in the college area than in high school but, hey, school is school xD

Cantabile Tomorrow-

A wholesome romantic comedy based on the popular Japanese drama Nodame Cantabile. Joo won and Shim Eun Kyung display such a weird and funny relationship that you just kind of get sucked into the show (along with the beautiful music)
And last but certainly not least....

What's Up-

This drama follows a group of college students as they deal with the past, their future, and following their dreams, while also trying to put together a musical. What is another reason to watch this drama you ask? Oh no other reason except....... DAESUNG IS IN IT!!!!
These dramas deserve alot of props for their hilarity and downright lovable and relatable moments. If any of you get the chance you should totally check them out!

Do you guys know about any other school dramas that deserve more props???

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@stevieq Monstar just made a river flow from my eyes and 5suprise just slayed me xD @kpopandkimchi WATCH IT AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!!! @StephanieDuong Those two dramas are the bomb diggity xD if you get a chance you should watch the other ones as well lol
I really need to watch Dream Knight hahha I keep seeing people talk about it!
@Msrayray95 They are just freaking awesome xD
I've seen After School Lucky or Not and Dream Night out of your list... I actually need to watch more school dramas too! lol
I've only seen two out of the four you mentioned and I loved them Monstar was my high school life all over again and 5urprise are hilarious
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