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This hurts me so much. Like don't people who say all the shit about Zhang Yixing not see that he truly does feel sorry that he can't be with the other members? The other members understand that everything hes doing in China is for them.
Lately on tumblr I've seen people posting about him leaving & negative things they have heard other people say or read somewhere. & let me tell you I believe so much in him when he says hes not going to leave & that hes going to stay in EXO. He has cried & apologized so many times to the members & fans.
Even tho he's the last Chinese member he's still promoting Exo every chance that he gets BY HIMSELF. It breaks my heart how some Exo-Ls are saying that Exo doesn't need Lay at all. they're even starting some OT8 instead of OT9 & that just breaks my heart..
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Like aside everything else Lay is doing in China he still flies back & forth just so he can keep his promises hes made. Does this seem like something someone would do if they were going to leave????????

As you all might know (or not) Zhang Yixing is my Ultimate Bias. Like come on he is so cute & so sweet. & I Just want everything to be okay with him. I JUST HOPE HIS LIFE GETS BETTER & FOR HIM TO REST & FOR HIM TO NEVER CRY EVER BECAUSE I DIE A LITTLE INSIDE. I JUST WANT EXO & YIXING TO BE HAPPYYY

@CassidyRoush I understand how you feel. Every time that I read something about Exo they have some shit to say about Lay leaving & why would they want that I mean we're not the only ones losing so are the boys. They would be losing another member another part of them. Its like Exo-ls don't see that when the other members left they were so hurt, & I know that theyre still affected & theyre not only hurting Lay but every single member of Exo
It makes me livid and sad that other EXO-Ls would tray him this way. Haven't we lost enough oppas? He is our innocent, out there unicorn and we should be being him to take a break not telling him to outright leave EXO.
Another thing that true Exo L's compared to the fake ones is it doesn't only hurt Lay, but every single member in Exo M and Exo K. He's doing his best and all the fake ones are more destroying Exo all together. Look what happened to Xuimin when the members started leaving. He closed his account and that right there alone tells you that something is wrong, you fake Exo L's are hurting not one but ALL of Exo.
@herreravanessa9 yea. I don't even want to call those ppl true exols because if they were they wouldn't do this they wouldn't want to hurry the boys especially lay