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2016 is coming closer, and more and more often, we're being asked to reflect upon the year - the good memories, the not-so-great memories, all that we've accomplished this year, and all we have to look forward to in the next. Seeing other people's 2015 reflections is pretty inescapable right now - but professional troll, Obvious Plant, decided to have fun with it.
He created a bunch of fake 2015 memories and put them on a bulletin board in his local community center. And well, let's just say they're more than just a little unusual.

In 2015, Kent basically redefined the word 'success'.

In 2015, Lucy got carried away by a bird - and into love.

In 2015, Kevin... got too easily amused.

In 2015, Roger flexed. (He wants you to know that.)

In 2015, Martin and Susan -- well, I'm not quite sure.

In 2015, I discovered my soulmate is a guy named Burt.

So what did you learn this year? Which one of these is your favorite memory? And am I the only one who noticed Barack Obama on this?!

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@TerrecaRiley He's in the bottom right corner of the last picture!!!
2 years ago·Reply
So, like....did Jason's mom throw him off the roof or something?
2 years ago·Reply
omg kevin lmao
2 years ago·Reply
@danidee I saw it eventually
2 years ago·Reply
nope saw it....but the Jason one slayed me....I'm actually scared of cloning....jk
2 years ago·Reply