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2016 is coming closer, and more and more often, we're being asked to reflect upon the year - the good memories, the not-so-great memories, all that we've accomplished this year, and all we have to look forward to in the next. Seeing other people's 2015 reflections is pretty inescapable right now - but professional troll, Obvious Plant, decided to have fun with it.
He created a bunch of fake 2015 memories and put them on a bulletin board in his local community center. And well, let's just say they're more than just a little unusual.

In 2015, Kent basically redefined the word 'success'.

In 2015, Lucy got carried away by a bird - and into love.

In 2015, Kevin... got too easily amused.

In 2015, Roger flexed. (He wants you to know that.)

In 2015, Martin and Susan -- well, I'm not quite sure.

In 2015, I discovered my soulmate is a guy named Burt.

So what did you learn this year? Which one of these is your favorite memory? And am I the only one who noticed Barack Obama on this?!

@TerrecaRiley He's in the bottom right corner of the last picture!!!
So, like....did Jason's mom throw him off the roof or something?
yup...ur the only one...at least at this moment as I'm typing this.
nope saw it....but the Jason one slayed me....I'm actually scared of cloning....jk
@danidee I saw it eventually
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