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Yoongi Angst Summary: After a accidental pregnancy, Yoongi is forced to marry you. He is cold to you, and your illusion of a good life with him is shattered.
All Yoongi wanted was the fresh scratches on his back. The smell of perfume in his nose. The feeling of life in his blood. It was mostly his fault for stringing you along year after year. But you were just so easy, all you wanted was his love. So he gave it to you, in a way. One night is all he needed, but it always left you wanting more. It meant he could come back year after year, and you would always take him. This time; however, one night would turn into forever. He stood at the end of a long trailing piece of fabric waiting to give his life away to you.
In 21 hours he would announce your marriage to the world. In 27 hours he would take questions. In 49 hours he would be seen in public with you. But in just 1 hour you were to be married. It was all so meticulously planned, each step needed to be perfect. If it wasn’t perfect Yoongi would lose his image just like that. He pulled his mind away from his thoughts and turned to the large oak doors just as you entered wearing the last white dress you could find in your size. To the right man you would have looked perfect, with your hair and makeup done flawlessly, but to Yoongi you were nothing more than an obstacle, a very big obstacle. He had a choice, and he chose to sleep with you. Now he had no choice, he had to stand there and smile. Pretend like he wanted to be there, pretend that he thought you looked lovely, pretend that he loved you. Credits to Official4nr
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