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For all you people that have a crush on Marik well here's one of my favorites of the Hoty! Enjoy the latest Yu-Gi-Oh card!
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I loved Yu-Gi-Oh, only because of the Egyptian themes. xD Slap any guy/gal in those clothes and I'm onboard. Lmao
I LOVE the Egyptian themes! My fave part was when Yugi and Bakura were playing the shadow game where they were in the past back in Egypt @Danse
@Panthora you have inspired me to make a card on the characters with the Egyptian wardrobe and all that. I just need some time to get it put together.
@TiffanyWallace Awesome! Are you going to make a collection on it or just cards? Because that would be a collection I would love to follow!
I don't know. I'll have to think about that. I was just going to put it in my Yu-Gi-Oh collection. @Panthora