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I was never that hard up for cookie dough...Poor kids. So @danidee I thought this would qualify for WTF news.. Tag others.
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....... Just what the ever-livin' fudge are people thinking? XD I've heard of the all the weird junk people cram up there in the bedroom, but shoplifting? Cookie dough? Shut up, lol.
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I mean....who knew cookie dough came in cans?
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@InPlainSight @buddyesd @Danse @TerrecaRiley @LAVONYORK @ButterflyBlu -- You're welcome. You're just... all welcome.
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@danidee I totally busted out laughing. they should really have a Walmart community where we can post the most insane things that happen at Walmart
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@danidee After the day I've had, yes..... yes it did. I might even share this with the lady on watch tonight. *considers* Ehhhh, no better not. LMAO
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