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Today was like a dream come true for you. The man you had been chasing for years, finally waiting for you at the end of the aisle. Ever since he left Daegu he would make it a point to visit each year. Every time it would only be for a few days, but that time was spent almost entirely with you. Last month was another one of those weeks. Those days were magical, as you tried your best to capture every possible moment with Yoongi before he disappeared again. Next thing you know you wind up on your bathroom toilet, positive test in hand. Of course you were happy at the prospect of having children one day, but now was not the right time. So you were left with a choice; the baby, or your freedom.
Safe to say you made the choice to keep the baby. After you had made up your mind it all happened so fast. When Yoongi’s entertainment company found out, they put you into hiding. After days of no communication, they explained that you were to marry Yoongi, that it was the best thing for his image. You were in no place to protest. You loved Yoongi, and you didn’t want to see his life crash down around him just as it began. Not to mention the fact that ever since you were children, you had the biggest crush on him. After a very steamy night out your freshman year of high school, you were hooked. You just kept chasing and grasping for a love that was returned in small bursts of extreme passion. Now you stood, waiting behind the last thing that kept you from spending the rest of your life with Yoongi. The large oak doors opened, revealing you to the groom that stood at the end of the aisle. You couldn’t help but beam as you strolled down the aisle to the man, your man.
The days passed by as planned, and soon Yoongi found himself in a new home with you. You grew like a little infection that he just had to scratch. Your scent covered the sheets, your soaps took up the sink space, your belly reminding him every day of his stupid decisions. He didn’t want to see the mistake that had taken over his life, so instead he spent hours at a time drowning himself in his work. He worked long hours and would often leave you alone. When he came home he would find you asleep on the couch, a meal left on the table for him. A table that should be set for two. As he chomped on the cold stale food he would think of the warm dishes Jin used to prepare for all of Bangtan. He missed the taste of home on his tongue. He missed the sound of laughter filling the air. But he made a mistake. He had to live with it. After he cleaned his plate, he would head for bed. Despite leaving you asleep on the couch, he would always wake up next to you. Your gentle perfume filling the air he breathed. He would just stare as your jaw opened to allow a small trickle of drool as you snored.
It could almost be endearing if he didn’t hate the sound so much. It would be difficult to pull himself away from the warm sheets, but the concept of you waking up and distracting him with conversation always gave him the boost he needed to take off to work. Work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, work. Life went on like that. Married life was not what you thought it was at all. You expected long conversations, warm cuddles, and soft kisses. But what you got was an empty house you had to clean by yourself, and a man that was impossible to please. Every time you had a moment to talk, he would spend it complaining about you.
The smaller things you could handle, if he didn’t like your cooking, or if you left a room uncleaned, or if you forgot to fold his laundry, those complaints were the ones you could handle. But when he pointed out your wrinkles, thighs, and stretch marks, those you couldn’t. The days became long as you began spending your time just waiting for Yoongi to come home. You couldn’t bear to be alone with your thoughts. But as you got father along in your pregnancy, Yoongi started coming home later and later, and you simply couldn’t avoid yourself any longer. You would stand for hours in front of the mirror, critiquing every little feature. You pushed the brush through your hair for the millionth time because it still wasn’t shiny enough. You poured more anti-aging lotion onto your face because it still wasn’t smooth enough. You placed your fingers at the back of your throat yet once again because you still weren’t skinny enough. You would stop taking your meds because they made you look sickly pale. You did all this, every day, but Yoongi would still complain. CREDITS TO Official4nr
this made me sad :(