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Who will be the winners of tonight's Sunday Night Football? The Cardinals or the Eagles?

Here is the live discussion card between the Cardinals against the Eagles. Come join if you're following the game live!
Also, if you still haven't participated in the challenge yet, go participate right now before the game starts!
Here is the link to the challenge card ------------------->
Also, if you still haven't followed my collection, please follow my newest collection!


You can follow the collection here ------> Vingle SportsCenter
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AHHHHH I was away for a sec and the game's over! The Cardinals take this one 40-17!
2 years ago·Reply
Congrats to our winners of this Sunday Night Football challenge: @lilleonz @KyleBerke @RaulGamboa @RodneyYoung @Straightshooter !!!!
2 years ago·Reply
No upset here....better luck next time! @Starbell808 @EvanYannetti
2 years ago·Reply
awe booo
2 years ago·Reply
@Starbell808 Better luck next time bud!
2 years ago·Reply