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Kaela and I layed out on the hard wooden cold floor panting. "Omg, Kai is working us like crazy." She hit the floor lightly, "I know, but it looks like Emily has become his little teacher's pet." I laughe, then got out my phone. I sat up in a criss-cross applesauce formation. "Hey, apparently there's a wedding scene in Galaxy's movie." Kaela sat up straight and snatched my phone out of my hands, I watched her scroll through my Instagram. "You do know Kaela that they're still holding auditions for the lead female." I smiled and watched her jump up onto her feet, "WHY ARE WE JUST LAZING AROUND HERE?" I layed back down and put my hat over my face and crossed my arms, "We're not even where he is filming." She grabbed my hat and threw it, it ended up hitting Luhan in the back of the head. Luhan spun around and looked at us. I winked and then looked back at Kaela, "Maybe, after practice, Jae might ler us go." She grabbed my arms and pulled me up, "THEN DANCE."            Practice was finally over. Luhan came over and held my hat in his hand, "That's one way of grabbing my attention." I reached for my hat but he raised his arm so i couldn't reach it, "Hey! That's not fair! I'm short!" He laughed, "Not my problem." He placed the hat on his head, "and this is now mine." He winked and turned around to talk to Tao. Kaela grabbed my arm and ran towards Jae. "HI JAE," She poked him hard on his shoulder, "Umm... ow?!" He rubbed his shoulder and gave a pouty face. Kaela shoves her elbow in my side, Ow, geez Kaela, she wants this bad. "Well, We were wondering if we could go to tryouts for the Somewhere Only We Know?"  He looked at us with confused expressions, "Why would you want to do that?" Kaela gave a frustrated sigh, "ro meet Kris of course!" He laughed, "Fine with me." He turned around to talk to someone who looked business-y. She jumped up and down, "Let's go Lilah!" I gave her a surprised expression, "Right now?!" She nodded and smiled. I look at Emily who was talking to D.O., "We can't just leave Emily..." She stopped jumping,  "Trust me, She'll be glad we left her alone with D.O. and Kai." I sighed once again, "Fiiiinnnnnnneeeeee." She grabbed my arm once again and took off, I looked behind me and saw Sehun and Luhan looking at us with confused expressions. I gave a small wave and a half smile. He's not even anywhere near us, how does she think we're going to get there? I know Kris os her bias but still. I mentally facepalm, I hope she doesn't fangirl hard core.

No Hate

"Finally, We're here." I got out of the car and stretched. Kaela pushed aside and ran in the building. "HEY! WAIT FOR ME!" I closed the door and ran in after her. When I found her she was standing in line behind a bunch of girls. This is going to take hours! Maybe I could create a distraction.... I looked around and ran up to the line of girls and tried to look believable, "GUYS, I JUST SAW KRIS OUTSIDE AND HE'S SHIRTLESS!" They all started running, Wow, I thought they wouldn't believe me. Who knew? I saw Kaela run and I grabbed her arm, "Not you, oh look, You're first in line." She grabbed the script and walked up to the red X. "Ok, page 23, lines 5-7." They guy didn't even look up, How rude. I watched her flip through the pages, when she got to the right one she looked at me, I mouthed, You'll be fine, trust me. She smiled and looked back at the paper, "I'll give you 5 minutes to prepare." He still didn't look up, "He's being so rude." I crossed my arms, "Are you here for try outs young lady," The man finally looked up but at me and asked a question. "No, I'm here as a supporter." I glared and he sighed, "Wait in the waiting room." I scoffed while I watched him look back down at a stack of papers, "I'm not going anywhere." He raised a hand and a few buff guys started walking forward, "Ok, Ka---, I mean Hana, I'll be in the waiting room!" I quickley walked to the waiting room and sat down. "Rude," I looked down at my shoes and kicked at the floor. "He's not that bad once you get to know him." Please don't be who I think it is, Kaela will kill me. I looked up and saw Galaxy standing there. "So are you here for an audition?" He smiled, "No, I'm here with my stepsister Ka-- Hana. She's trying out for the lead female role." I smiled, "There's no competition since I r--- there was no one in line." He laughed, "I know that was you,  I over heard the commotion and checked to see what it was." I blushed a bit, "Well, Kris, I didn't want to be standing here for hours on end waiting for each girl to get her heart crushed until the director finds his perfect girl." He gave a surprised expression, "So you do know who I am?" I nodded, "I'm a big fan of EXO, so is Hana." He frowned a bit but then shrugged it off, "Hey, let's go see how she's doing." He held out his hand and notioned for me to take it. I stood up, "Thanks but Hana would kill me. You're her bias." I laughed but then then put my hand over my mouth, whoops. He smiled at then I followed him to where Kaela was auditioning. "I do." she smiled and the man looked up and then looked around. Yah, You won't find anyone else pal. I smiled to my self. "You're now our lead female role, congrats." He got up from his chiar. "Wait! I would like this Miss to try out." He stepped aside to reaveal me. "Umm, no thank you. Really. I mean look at Hana, she's perfect for this role. I'm just a short female who does not want to be killed by her stepsister." I laughed awkwardly. "Well, too bad." Galaxy smiled and shoved me next to my stepsister. "What's going on?" She whispered to me. "I truly do not know. I'll make this the most horrible audition ever." I whispered back. She gave me the script, "You better." Ouch. I sighed and flipped to the oages rhst were given earlier. "Not there," the man sat back down and pushed his glasses back up, "Page 63, lines 25-40." Geez, thats a lot of lines. I looked uo at Galaxy who had a surprised look on his face. Why is he surprised? What goes on during these lines?!  I flipped to page 63 and skimmed through the lines. Are you kidding me?! A kissing scene?! Kaela is going to kill me! "I'd like you to audition with Kris." the man gave Kris a script and Kris jogfed next to me. Oh great, this just gets better and better. Kris gave me a smile and flipped to page 63. He read his first line. Oh man, Oh man, What have you gotten me into Galaxy? "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you." What is this movie even about? He looked up at me, Showtime. "Can't you ju---, whoops wrong lines.. ha... ha." I laughed awkwardly. You owe me Kaela. Kris forced a small laugh. "Are you sure? It didn't look like it back there." I gave a little country accent. "Very funny, now do it with feeling and no country accents," The man looked at us both intensely. Well, that didn't work... I looked back up at Kris who gave me puppy eyes. Aww, Wait, what are you thinking?! This is Kaela's chance to get close to her bias. I'm not going to ruin it for her! "Sorry, when I get nervous, my country side tends to shine," I lied with ease. "It's fine," and he believed me, Boo yah! I looked at kaela and she gave me a scary look. Well, isn't she supportive? I looked up at Kris, oh wow, look at those eyes. I shook my head, you're such a bias wrecker Kris. "Are you sure? It didn't look like it back there." I crossed my arms and looked off into the distance, This is kind of fun. Kris grabbed my chin and forced me to look into his eyes, "Trust me, I would never want to hurt you." With his other hand he pulled me in towards him. I wqs staring into his eyes when I heard clapping, "Perfect! You're perfect for the main female role. Come back here tomorrow at 6am!" I came back to reality when all of a sudden Kris patted my head, "See yah tomorrow!" I stood there speechless. I looked at Kaela who had tears in her eyes. She turned around and ran off. What just happened?!  I threw the script onto the floor and ran after her. "Look, I can fix this! I'll call in sick, I'll do terrible during the shooting. Trust me, I'll get fired!" Tears were streaming down her face, "Don't talk to me!" She hailed a taxi and opened the door. "Wait! I can fix this! Please! Kris isn't my bias, you know that!" She looked at me before stepping into the taxi, "Do I? I don't think I know you at all." I watched the taxi drive off leaving me sitting on the curb. "I'm sorry, please,  don't hate me, I'll fix this. I promise."
@Mercii Not for those who are born rich -stares awkwardly at suho-
ooooo!! it got intense fast!!! i cant wait read whats next in the EXO and BTS stories!!!!😝😆😆😆
to be honest im seriously in love with 50 shades of bangstan
@XionHeart technically Life IS Fair because it's unfair for everyone xD
@XionHeart Kaela is actually based on my real life stepsister, Michaela and she acts like that, I mean who wouldn't be hurt? She has the chance to be close to the one she likes but it was tsken righr before her eyes, by her own stepsister. Wouldn't you be upset? :3
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