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The King 2 Hearts Ep 20 - LIVE recap + screenshots - Part 1
---------------------------------------------------------- North Korea is confirmed to attack Seoul. Jae Ha screamed, "Where is Hang Ah??!!" Meanwhile, Hang Ah also wants to be with Jae Ha but her father said that he is too old, it will be difficult for him to go to South Korea with Hang Ah. Jae Ha keep calling Hang Ah, but Hang Ah father asked her not to pick the call. Her father feels that South Korea betrayed them. However, she finally picked the call. They are in war, so North Korea has disconnected the hotline connection with South Korea. They won't be able to contact each other, and the misunderstanding between North and South will be worse. Jae Ha asked Hang Ah to go back first to South and discuss things further, but Hang Ah refused. She said, "I will go back to North Korea. I will try to stop the war. I go back to North in order to see you again. I love you." Meanwhile, John Mayer was really happy to hear the news that war is going to happen. (This guy is insane!!). Afterwards, he called Jae Ha and informed him that US will attack North on May 24 16:00. He said, "I've warned you before. If people of South Korea died, it will be your fault." Jae Ha said, "No, You will be the murderer. I will do whatever it takes to stop the war." Meanwhile in North Korea, Hang Ah went to meet the Chief of People's Party. He asked Hang Ah about any information that she got while she was in South Korea. She argued with him about that, and he said that Hang Ah had betrayed the country only for a man she love. ---------------------------------------------------------- 
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