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Today was the day BTS had a big comeback stage. All of their previous promotional preparations had been pushed because of you, and now was the first time Bangtan were to be on stage in nearly 8 months. The crowd was pounding with excitement as the entire stage lit up with the beams of their light sticks. Yoongi was the first one out; he had a small rap prepared as an introduction. Being onstage is when Yoongi forgot. Forgot about life and his burdens, forgot about you. But that stage light was bound to turn off one day, and he knew the music wouldn’t last forever, so he just danced while he still could. The entire performance consisted of only 2 songs, so the set was over before it really began. Bangtan filed off stage and into their respective dressing rooms to change before moving to the next event. Since it had been so long since a comeback, their schedules were packed. They were heading for a variety show shoot now so that they had time for a fan sign the next day. Yoongi peeled off the tight leather jacket and slipped on a comfortable plaid shirt. He opened his phone, expecting another annoying text from you, but his lock screen remained blank.
He felt uneasy, but brushed it off and finished changing. Moving out of the room, he headed towards the managers car, where they were supposed to meet. Before the rest of the members came around, the manager rushed to Yoongi. “Yoongi.” He huffed a little as his back gave out, and he clutched his knees to keep upright. “Yoongi, Y/N.” He tried again before he lost his breath and began panting. “What is it hyung?” Yoongi placed his open palm on his manager’s back, and the manager took another deep breath. He stood up straight and turned to face Yoongi. “Yoongi it’s Y/N. She’s in the hospital.” Credits to Official4nr
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