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Day 14 Saddest death
Saddest anime death for me was Neji. He was a genius and a talented fighter. He was a jerk at first but slowly learned and matured. Dying while protecting Hinata, who was trying to protect Naruto was so noble. Even down to his last words, I didn't want to believe he was about to die. RIP Neji!
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why does the best characters always have to die
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I'll forever be traumatized by the death of one of the most UNDERRATED characters in the history of Anime. RIP my beloved Neji Hyuga. *cries inconsolably* 馃槩馃槶馃挃馃嵑
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Neji will always be my favorite anime character and so when he died I cried T~T I actually felt really sad for like a few weeks and I still get sad when I get reminded that he died. My heart broke </3
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"He's not dead, he is right here inside of me"
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I hate how short and unimportant they made Neji's death.... It deserved the same backstory/past that Jiriya did... I loved Neji... So freaking much. Hinata should of had more emotion for his death too... But, then again they were in the middle of war I suppose.
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